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About the Brain Personality Connection:

Recent scientific research on the brain has given us great insight on how it burns energy. Did you know that while some people spend up to 1/100 the amount of glucose to process a cognitive function, others may spend more than 100 times as much to process that same function? It’s true. This explains why people vary in processing similar tasks and concepts. It also causes their capabilities and their fields of interest to be different as well. For example, one person will be really good in math because their brain energy used to solve math problems may be the 1/100, while someone else may have to use so much more of their of their brain energy to solve math equations that it causes them to not like it as much.

Just like left- and right-handedness, there are parts of your brain that you NATURALLY lead with and make you uniquely you. A right-handed person CAN write with their left hand if needed (like if their right hand is broken), but it’s much harder. With much practice and discipline you can learn to do things that are not your natural gifts but doing so is actually not good for you. Excessive energy expenditure in the brain can have serious effects on your well-being. Unfortunately many of us think we are good at something because of the wrong reasons. Everything from your gender to communication preference to birth order impacts who we think we are. Add in your cultural upbringing and highly charged emotional traumas and life experiences and things can get quite complicated. I can help you sift through it all to discover your NATURAL brain strength and embrace your unique personality. Discover what you were born to do, what you love to do and why it comes so easily to you. Embrace your unique traits for the gifts they truly are. Spend your time and energy on things you love and do well, and less of it on things that aren’t very productive or serving you. Eliminate overwhelm and live happier. Love yourself and live the life you desire.

Booking a Brain Personality Connection (BPC) Assessment:

4 Call D.E.A.L. Package

DEAL stands for Discover, Embrace and Love. The first step is to complete a Brain Personality Connection (BPC) Assessment. Then, over the course of 4 calls (45 minutes each) I will work with you to Discover your natural brain personality, Embrace your unique gifts (removing negative labels society has put on them), and Love yourself for exactly who you are so you can live the life you were meant to enjoy.

Call 1: Identifying Your Sensory Modality Preference
Call 2: Your Introversion/ Extroversion Ratio
Call 3: Your Brain Quadrant Dominance Part 1
Call 4: Your Brain Quadrant Dominance Part 2

8 Call D.E.A.L. & Heal Package

The BPC discovery process is a powerful one but can sometimes be accompanied by confusion often caused by external factors. On the one hand, you discover who your are on a biological level but societal and psychological factors begin to create confusion about what is truly your natural brain lead and what is perhaps just a result of your birth order, or cultural upbringing, or emotionally charged life experiences. If you feel you may need to dig a little deeper, you may want to book an additional 4 calls to work through some of these things to further identify what is truly serving you and what may be creating resistance (showing up as stress, overwhelm, illness, pain, and worry). What you may have come to believe about your personality in the past may have nothing to do with how your brain actually burns glucose but more to do with how you were raised or even how your brain processes information because of your preferred learning style or your gender. Being able to identify these factors helps you remain true to your natural state and live a more authentic and peaceful life, allowing more joy and prosperity to flow. If you have often felt “all over the place” when taking personality assessments in the past or that you could fit into many different “types”, chances are you over-expending energy in the brain to compensate for traits or skills you have mistakenly identified as part of your natural personality. This was me, and what ultimately led me to become a Certified Brain Personality Connection Expert. Being able to identify and honor my true self–who I am at the biological core–and let go of the labels I believed to be true about my personality because of external factors was one of the most liberating moments of my entire life!

Call 5: Brain Gender Differences
Call 6: How Birth Order Shapes Your Personality
Call 7: The Child’s Brain
Call 8: Psychoneuroimmunology – BPC for Well Being

You can also book individual 60 minute sessions if you prefer,

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