About Monica

Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos is a Online Business Success Coach, Best Selling Author, founder of the Online Business Success Academy, and creator of the 6S Cycle: The 6 Stages of Sustainable Success. She believes life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and has an unquenchable fascination with mindset and the natural laws of the universe. She built her first website in 1999 and has been studying internet marketing since the early 2000’s. Combining her business marketing background with what she knows about the power of the mind, Monica set out to change the way achieving home business success is viewed. She does not believe life or business has to be as difficult as it is often portrayed. She wants people to know that success in business does not have to come from sacrifice and suffering; that you can have a thriving business AND the freedom to enjoy your life by honoring your true desires, doing what feels good, and following the path of least resistance.

Using her marketing background and education, extensive knowledge about the brain, Facebook expertise, and business building experience, Monica has built a six figure home business and now helps other overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneurs create BLISS–a Business and Life Inspired for Sustainable Success. She helps her clients develop a mindset that fosters intentional and aligned action in order to create the foundation necessary for sustainable success. By leveraging the power of their minds and the internet, Monica’s clients are able to eliminate entrepreneurial overwhelm and create the joyful business-life harmony they desire and deserve.

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